If a job can’t be done safely it’s not worth doing at all - safety is what you expect and safety is what we do. When you put on any protective clothing, footwear or equipment you put your trust in that product and you need to know that it will do its job of keeping you safe.


Any safety product isn’t safe until someone qualified to certify it says so. When you buy that product you need to know for certain that it will do the job it claims to do: keep you safe when you work. That’s why Blackrock works with leading internationally accredited organisations to test and certify our products to the correct safety standards during development, long before they go into first production.


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Due Diligence

A certificate doesn’t mean the end of testing - it means the start of quality assurance, and we continuously check our products to ensure the latest batch is as good as the first. Our in-house QA team carry out testing such as impact, compression and penetration testing of safety footwear toe caps and midsoles, while we partner with internationally recognised organisations for a wide range of tests such as cut resistance of gloves or reflectivity of hi-vis garments, as well as compliance to REACH.

Declarations of Conformity

At the end of the certification process we’re required to confirm the compliance of the product by drawing up a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and CE marking the product or its packaging. The DoC is not itself a certificate, it is a declaration by Blackrock that the product complies with all the requirements of the safety standard that it’s certified to, including which legislation, standards and other technical specifications, as well as our contact details. At the simplest level the DoC tells you everything you need to know about the certification and standard of the product, and it’s an important part of you being reassured that the product is fit for purpose.

Each product has the DoC attached or they can be searched for in Declarations of Conformity


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