Size guides

Getting a good fit for garments and footwear is crucial. Poorly fitting clothing and footwear can cause pain, discomfort and can also pose a danger if garments are too loose, with the risk of badly fitting garments and gloves creating a possibility of them getting caught in machinery.

Here we give guides to our ranges to aid you getting a great fit and the best from your clothing and footwear.

Footwear Size Guide

A good fit is essential when choosing your footwear. Not only does it provide a professional look but it helps provide comfort to the wearer who may be on their feet all day. A loose or tight fit could result in foot fatigue/pain and discomfort from rubbing or lack of blood circulation. It is important that you have your feet measured before purchasing any footwear as there is no standard for converting shoe sizes.

The guidelines below give you sizing conversions to help you get the best fit.

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Glove Size Guide

A proper fitting glove is extremely important. Comfort should be a priority, an uncomfortable fit causes hand fatigue and ultimately could lead to a potential work-place hazard. But comfort will only come if you are wearing the right size. Learn how to measure your hands correctly and comfort will follow.

Tight gloves which restrict movement will eventually cause hand fatigue even with small jobs, but conversely loose fitting gloves can cause a major hazard of catching in machinery.

Key elements to sizing gloves are:

  1. Measure around your hand - the widest part of your hand and always the dominant hand
  2. Measure the length - from the tip of your middle finger to where your wrist begins
  3. Choose the largest number of the two - round up if you're mid size

Additional features such as our Durafit technology help with comfort and hand fatigue but it is key that measuring in the correct place is essential for finding a glove which suits your needs.

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Clothing Size Guide

The key thing to ensure you get correct when choosing what size you require is to measure in the correct place on your body. Hopefully our helpful size guide will assist you in doing this.

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